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Coloring antistress slowly but fairly successfully conquer the world. They are painted by children and adults, students and senior citizens.

How it all began and what is the success of such colorings

Let's go a little deeper into history and recall that the first such coloring was created by Joanna Bosphorus for the New Yorker magazine in 2011. Then the artist received an order to create an ordinary children's illustration, but she herself offered in return coloring for adults, noting that in ordinary life people often try to colorize her black and white illustrations. Since then, a variety of illustrations have appeared, from cute flowers and cats, to abstract lines, the work of artists of various eras and even those from millions of favorite TV shows.

Today, independent collections with similar colors are sold in million copies. The discoverer of the style itself believes that the popularity of her works lies in the fact that these are not children's drawings and it’s not a shame for adults to paint them.

Antistress coloring pages: a powerful therapeutic tool or a competent move of salespeople?

It is universally claimed that such coloring helps to cope with stress and have a certain therapeutic effect. It is believed that this is nothing more than a marketing move, because quite convincing studies with an extensive focus group have not been conducted. Therefore, experts cannot give an unambiguous qualified answer today. There are separate studies, for example, on a group of people suffering from severe oncological diseases. In this case, it is noted that antistress coloring books have improved their psychological state and helped to cope with the stress caused by experiencing a serious illness.

The essence of the problem and how can coloring help?

At the moment, experts say that antistress coloring for adults still has some effect, but it is comparable, say, with meditation or a walk. The main positive aspects of the “treatment” are connected with the possibility of concentrating on the present moment, removing “unnecessary” thoughts from the head. Performing simple steps to color the drawing, people stop feeling sorry for themselves, worry and constantly think about problems. A moment of psychological relaxation arises, to which miraculous therapeutic properties are attributed.

In general, we can conclude that the effect of colorings is simply neutral. And this is already good. Since psychological relaxation is usually carried out by means of heavy physical exercises (which is not always possible) or psychotropic drugs (smoking, alcohol). It should also be noted that many consumers today are so afraid of pain and worries, and are also addicted to various anti-stress medications, forgetting that periodic exposure to stress, negative emotions and feelings are a natural state of a person. The same as a feeling of happiness. The release of stress hormones in some cases is useful, because it increases physical stamina and brain activity.

Do not overestimate the importance of stress for the physiological state of the biological organism as a whole. Scientists note that in the rhythm of business life, every person from time to time needs psychological relaxation, which can be used as physical activity, listening to music, reading a book, walking in the fresh air, or anti-stress pictures for coloring.

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